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Two friends supporting each other
11 Feb, 19

Resource kit - Critical incidents and major events

Download our Critical Incident and Major Event resource kit which includes information and articles on how to support yourself and others impacted.

Download resource kit (zip file)

This resource kit contains the following factsheet:

  • Helping employees who have been involved in a critical incident
  • Supporting children after a major event
  • Helping children cope with traumatic stress
  • Common reactions after a major event
  • Coping after a critical incident
  • Tips for supporting family, friends and colleagues
  • Making use of your Best You program after a major event

All factsheets include an editable field so that you can include your relevant Benestar contact phone numbers. Should you need any assistance over this period, please do not hesitate to contact Benestar for support by calling:

1300 360 364 (AU)
0800 360 364 (NZ)
+61 2 8295 2295 (International)

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