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WinWin Parenting Logo


Benestar is proud to partner with Win Win Parenting. A research based program designed for parents in the workplace. Both employers and employees benefit from Win Win's effective and practical approach. Employees learn how to manage the day-to-day challenges of parenting, using a method based on neuroscience, mindfulness and child development, whilst employers benefit from having more productive, focused and engaged employees. 



Aware Medical


Aware Medical is the leading technology provider of on-site health assessments. Their integrated technology platform is particularly strong in the areas of heart & cardio-vascular and stress assessments. They can identify vascular issues 7-10 years before you present with high blood pressure and even if you exercise regularly, can provide feedback on the effectiveness of your training regime for your heart muscle.

Their stress assessment includes both your physical and mental nervous systems as well as your innate resilience to stress events. These assessments can create awareness of otherwise unidentified issues and facilitate earlier intervention to support your continued health and quality of life.

Benestar's partnership with Aware Medical provides individuals with awareness of their health risk factors and the MyCoach program from Benestar will assist individuals in making positive improvements to their overall wellbeing. 



Money 101


Money101 has been pioneering online financial education for the better part of two decades. They are a team of educators, designers, and digital innovators. Money101 believe that everyone has the capacity to make smarter financial decisions – and everyone should be empowered to do so. They are making this a reality every day by developing pitch-perfect financial education content and delivering amazing online learning experiences. 

Benestar's partnership with Money101 provides customers with a wide range of expertly designed self-guided learning tools and resources to help individuals manage their financial health.



Map My Plan


Financial health is a key element of holistic wellbeing. Map My Plan helps individuals create a plan for their financial future, based on where they are now and what they want to achieve via a self-directed, automated financial planning platform. Map My Plan ensure that individuals have the information they need to make good financial decisions. They also provide a large range of tools and resources. 

Benestar's partnership with Map My Plan allows clients who have access to our services to undertake a financial fitness test via the BeneHub portal and build a financial plan.