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Benestar partners with 1st Group to develop online booking platform

As the leading provider of Employee Assistance Programs in Australia and New Zealand, delivering mental health and wellbeing services to a broad range of organisations of all sizes, Benestar is proud to be partnering with 1stGroup Ltd to bring the MyHealth1st platform to Australia's 57,000 psychologists.

We will be funding the setup for up to 2,600 psychologists onto this innovative healthcare appointments platform to help position our industry for the digital future.

While we have a large internal team of hundreds of accredited psychologists and social workers, every month we also allocate thousands of our customers’ employees to our network of external psychologists across the country.

The MyHealth1st platform enables us to find availability and confirm appointments much more efficiently, improving the experience and process for these employees who require fast and easy access to mental health services.

We are extremely excited about the direction of our partnership with 1st Group and are looking forward to continuing to innovate with their extraordinary team to meet the challenges of the growing mental healthcare needs in Australia and New Zealand.